Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi II, Emir of Kano; “We have a problem and it’s a problem of “human being”

Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi, Emir of Kano
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Muhammadu Lamido Sanusi, Emir of Kano said;
“We have a problem and it’s a problem of “human being” too many children with bad upbringing now in their 50’s.
“These children are now governors, and leaders of many strong institutions we have built, but because we have children who lack
character. We are here.”
“We put gas pipelines in place from our shared treasury, some “stupid children” go and burst it and blame the police for not watching.”
We decided to fight corruption, “some stupid” children are still supporting the corrupt
“We build roads to make sure movement easy for all, some “stupid children” dig holes in them so they can cause the rest to stumble”.
“We decide it’s time to block leakages in government Spendings “stupid children” realize it means no more Italian shoes, so they raise hell.”
“To all those who give birth to children they cannot raise well, remember you are a culprit in the Nigerian madness.
“These “stupid children” were born and raised probably improperly!
“How else do you explain the inhumaneness and disregard for social good they display.

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