Cameroon:: Officials, observers say poll was mostly successful

A man casts his vote during the Presidential elections in Briqueterie Cameroon, Sunday Oct. 7, 2018.
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YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — Cameroon’s elections commission and African Union observers say that Sunday’s presidential poll was largely successful with minor irregularities.

Both bodies said Monday that those irregularities shouldn’t affect the vote’s outcome.

Incumbent President Paul Biya, Africa’s oldest ruler at 85, faced seven other candidates in an election he is expected to win.

As Cameroonians await the results, the government has issued a stern warning against publishing any trends or estimated results ahead of the official announcement by the constitutional council, which has 15 days to declare the winner.

More than 7,000 observers monitored the election in which 6.6 million registered to vote.

There was some violence in the English-speaking Southwest and Northwest regions, where separatists had earlier threatened voters. Some observers said voters came out in those regions.
– Associated Press

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