Nigeria: Zenith Bank founder shares business success tips

Jim Ovia, Founder and Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc

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Jim Ovia, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder and chairman of Zenith Bank has announced the publication of his book titled Africa, Rise, and Shine. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes Media.

“The road to success is rarely linear and never easy”. But according to Jim Ovia, with courage, hard work, perseverance, and dedication, anyone can achieve the unthinkable.

In Africa, Rise and Shine, Ovia shares the never-before-told story of his business and banking success, and how he was able to build one of Africa’s largest banks. Spanning decades of history, this new book dives deep into the events that led Zenith to become the national bank icon that it is today. Ovia’s story of overcoming incredible economic instability, the tension between military and civilian regimes, and a decaying infrastructure leaves current and aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable takeaways and inspiration to pursue their own vision of the future.

The author uses his own success story as a way to teach readers his business principles and ingredients for success. From the secrets of creating a powerful brand to developing the art of negotiation, to strategies behind keeping ahead of the technology curve, these lessons are as applicable anywhere in the world as they are in Africa.

“When most people outside of Africa visualize the continent,” said Ovia, “the associations they often make are with famine and poverty, conflicts and war. From the moment I began writing this book, I have been determined to redefine this narrative and illustrate the real Africa behind the headlines. The Africa of my birth and of my life experience is a continent of abundant human and natural resources, immense and diverse investment opportunities, and an economy that is primed for seeding new business.”

Jim Ovia, named the “Godfather of Nigerian Banking” by Forbes Africa, is the founder and chairman of Zenith Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Africa.

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