Zimbabwe: Thousands attend Tsvangirai’s memorial service

Burial of Morgan Tsvangirai
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Thousands of Zimbabweans have thronged the Robert Mugabe Square in the capital Harare where a memorial service is being held for former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai ahead of his burial on Tuesday (February 20) at his home village of Buhera.

Many supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) were clad in red, the party colors to pay their respects to the former leader and veteran

His mortal remains were returned to Zimbabwe from South Africa where he died at a Johannesburg hospital. The government has said it will give him a state-assisted burial despite being a former Prime Minister of the country.

The event has been dominated by intra-party bickering and the presence of his wife, Elizabeth Macheka. His mother had threatened to commit suicide if the widow and new party leader attend the event.

Zimbabweans reacted to the death of the opposition leader saying it was a great loss to the country. Tsvangirai died on Wednesday, February 15th after a long battle with cancer, casting his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party into the unknown less than three months after the army ousted long-time ruler Robert Mugabe.

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