Morocco: Teachers protest low wages, temporary contracts

Several thousand Moroccan teachers carrying posters march across the streets of Rabat, Morocco, Sunday March 24, 2019. The protesters demand respect for their profession and higher wages.( AP Photo/Amira El Masaiti)

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RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Several thousand Moroccan teachers have staged a protest in the capital Rabat, in the latest outbreak of anger at low-wage, temporary teaching contracts that do not cover health care or provide for pensions.

Sunday’s march came the day after police used water cannon to disperse teachers trying to sleep outside in protest. The police violence heightened the teachers’ anger after weeks of demonstrations.

Protesters marched Sunday across the streets of Rabat carrying posters demanding respect for their profession and higher wages.

It was part of a wave of protests by teachers from around the country, using Rabat as a gathering point to call out excessive use of temporary contracts without job protections.

Government spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said protesters are pursuing “political goals unrelated to the interest of the professors.”

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