Nigeria: Social Media Summit to hold in Abuja

Mr. Miebaka Adoki - CEO of MyEvents International

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Nigeria is set to hold the first edition of the 2018 social media summit in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Details of the summit, which is scheduled to hold from 12-14 August, were made known at a media conference by the organizers of the event, My Events International.

The aim of this event is to connect people, content, and conversations around emerging trends in social and mobile media.

Speaking at the press briefing, the Chairman organising committee of the summit Mr. Kenneth Adoki said; “the essence of this conference is to gather people together to brainstorm on the way forward regarding social media and how to use social media not only for engagements, not only for entertainment but also for education and also to make some money out of it.’’

“It is a way of disseminating information to the right sources, also the engagement of the youth because those are the people in the social media; under the 40s so that they can use it as a platform for engagement and rediscover themselves.

‘‘We still have about 50% of the Nigerian population that have not used the social media properly but 50% have used it effectively.’’

Mr. Adoki also explained the role of government as it concerns the effective use of social media.

“We always look towards government to provide virtually everything; it is now time for us to be looking at ourselves, government can only provide the enabling environment, that’s the essence of government and let the social media sector thrive effectively, government is just to create environment, the right environment, government is the land and we are the planters.”

“If we can get about a thousand youth to participate, it will have a major impact not only politically because all the politicians are now thriving to get to the social media platform.”

“Our event is coming not only to have a major impact in Abuja but to have a major impact nationwide; we are the first to be looking at the platform of giving massive awards.”

Top speakers, bloggers and social media practitioners from various industries will feature prominently at the event to share their best practices and knowledge to the participants.

“We are bringing seven international speakers who are coming to impact this event,” Mr. Adoki said.

The social media summit will also witness the presentation of awards to honor the brilliant brains and practitioners of blogs and social media in the nation.
– Aisha John-mark I VON

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