Nigeria: Traditional ruler calls for peaceful coexistence

The Nigerian government has been urged to undertake diplomatic engagements with the Republic of South Africa on the need to protect the rights and lives of Nigerians living in South Africa.
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The continuous killings of innocent Nigerians in some parts of the country have caused the traditional ruler of Garki in Abuja, Dr. Usman Nga-kupi to call for peaceful co-existence amongst all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation.

Speaking after being confirmed as the official Royal Father of the National Unity and stability campaign of a non-governmental organization tagged ‘Finger off the Trigger’, Dr Nga-kupi, said that the issue of herders/farmers clash, insurgency, separatist agitation has led to killings of innocent Nigerians and destruction of national assets which calls for urgent attention.

“As a Nigerian, I am at the moment very sad and not proud at all, the incessant killing across the country is uncalled for, not necessary at all, where are the legacies of our founding fathers?” What have we turned ourselves into? Whatever the problem is, instead of taking up arms why not go to the roundtable to dialogue,” Dr. Nga-kupi said.

The Royal Father appealed to Nigerians to put aside their differences and live together as one for the sake of peace and unity.

In his words: “As Nigerians, we must shun violent behaviors among ourselves, we must come of age. Remember that the voting age in Nigeria is eighteen, it means once you get to that age it is assumed that you are mature, but why is it that Nigeria is over fifty, yet we still behave like kids?

Let me tell you even husband and wife do have issues, but when there are issues they must settle it and if they can’t resolve it themselves they invite a third party, in the case of Nigeria lets go to the roundtable for dialogue in order to sort out our problems.”

The Coordinator of the campaign, Mr. Chielo Ojirika Nmag, thanked the Royal Father, Dr. Usman Nga-kupi, for his blessings and acceptance of the appointment.

He added that ‘Finger off the Trigger’ is committed to the peaceful co-existence and development of the Nigerian state through various initiatives to promote harmonious living and tolerance amongst citizens.

“Our main objective and aims are to complement government efforts in promoting peaceful co-existence through sensitization and awareness campaign aimed at stopping the violence.”

He said that under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria now enjoys unprecedented international goodwill because of new pedigree, honesty, integrity, and transparency thus making the country an attractive investment destination for foreign investors.
– Omolayo.A I VON

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