Nigeria: President Buhari emphasises respect for judiciary

President Muhammadu Buhari
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President Muhammadu Buhari has emphasised respect for the judiciary and compliance with their decisions.

During an Iftar dinner with the representatives of the Judiciary on Wednesday, President Buhari said he believed that the judiciary should be independent.

He recalled how he submitted himself to the adjudication of the courts three times on his way to becoming President without any fuss.

“I respect the institution. I have come before you three times before I got here on the fourth run for the office. Your word is the last word on any given issue,” he said.

He praised the capabilities of Nigerian Judges, saying that “your training and experience has earned you respect.”

In his remarks in appreciation of the Ramadan fast-breaking, the Acting Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed assured the nation that judiciary will continue to do its best in safeguarding the country’s democracy.

Justice Tanko led retired Chief Justices, some Justices of the Supreme Court and heads of courts in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT to the President.

He praised President Buhari for not meddling in the affairs of the courts.

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