Hit song Maria Salome remixed by Tanzania musicians; Diamond Platinumz

Diamond Platnumz
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A collaboration between Diamond Platinumz and Rayvanny of the Wasafi record label has seen the remake of the popular 90’s song, Salome.

Here is the video of Diamond’s version of the song:

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platinumz on Sunday released a remix of ‘Maria Salome‘ originally done by songstress Saida Karoli.

The remix, a collaboration of Diamond and Rayvanny of Wasafi Record Label, steps back in time to resurrect a hit that was popular in late 90’s.

Comparisons between the original version and the remix end with the beats and the chorus. Beyond that, director Nicorux of South Africa unleashes a masterstroke of creativity in the music video that embodies cultures drawn across east and west Africa.

In the video, Diamond and Rayvanny clad in a variety of African attires, complete with African props.


The remix has however been quickly assailed with claims of copyright infringement, with fans raising concerns on whether Wasafi Records sufficiently rewarded songstress Saida Karoli for the adoption of her song.

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