South Africa’s Lorreta Released Hit Single “Mood”

Lorreta - Mood

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Just in time for your summer celebration, South African female emcee Lorreta drops her hit single titled Mood.

Backed by vintage and tightly produced track, Lorreta’s flow was serious business from the get go, letting you know that she’s got the flow and ready to have fun.

The song aptly titled “Mood” is one of those new, yet familiar rhythm that is comfortably played to a busy dance floor, yet at home on a sunny afternoon barbecue.

Lorreta can be described as an individual that is not only equipped but truly destined to impact this generation and the next. Her debut single “Mood” is a creative rendition of rap legend Tupac Shakur’s “Do For love” track playing homage to 90’s RnB, Hip-hop and local Kwaito greats TKZee.

Growing up in South Africa’s playground and key tourist destination- Durban- Cindy Hlubi aka “Lorreta” was no stranger to the charms and jazzy undertones of the likes of George Benson, the soulful influences of Lauryn Hill to the urban tones of Aaliyah. In fact one may clearly hear the impact and influences of 90’s (International and local) RnB and hip hop in the ‘Lorreta sound’, spliced with conveying the message of the millennium child.

Lorreta’s Mood is now featured on WorldBeat Radio!

Born in 1989 in the city of Durban, South Africa, Lorreta studied at the prestigious University of Kwazulu Natal where she had achieved her Honours certification specializing in Economics and another specializing in Finance, Banking and Investment Management. Her other achievements are within the Arts where as early as eight years of age she participated in the televised talent search program “Star Search” where many of S.A’s child stars began their journey.

Lorreta went on to complete her matric at Pietermaritzburg Girls High during which she was a member of the Pietermaritzburg Youth Choir. An avid painter, an intuitive and confident speaker with a unique business acumen- Lorreta applies her knowledge gained effectively with her partners in the running of a manufacturing plant.
Fast track to the year 2016, recently on her debut performance, Lorreta opened up with her all-star female band for the sensational Afro soul singer Siphokazi at the “Woman Power in Music” Concert. Subsequently, as a songwriter, Lorreta had been offered a publishing deal with Global 360- a company that does publishing for the likes of L’vovo, Dj Zinhle and L-Tido.

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Music Video: Lorretta – Mood