Gambia: HIV patients recount herbal treatment under Jammeh

File: Gambia former leader Yahya Jammeh

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Former president Yahya Jammeh claimed he could cure people suffering from HIV and AIDS. Jammeh treated hundreds of patients in Gambian clinics, administering herbal remedies.

Jammeh has attracted worldwide attention for declaring The Gambia an Islamic nation, withdrawing the country from the International Criminal Court, and claiming he had concocted a herbal cure for HIV/AIDS.

The longtime ruler has woven a shroud of mysticism around himself using religion and rumors of secret powers.

Never seen without his Koran, scepter and prayer beads, Jammeh’s billowing white robes are rumored to hide a bulletproof vest, the legacy of several coup attempts by his own guards.

Now that he has left power, many are still sick and telling their stories.
– Nicolas Haque I Al Jazeera