Nigeria: MMM Scheme Boss Ugorji, Wife Flee Nigeria

MMM boss Chuddy Ugorji and wife Amaka

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Social media is currently awash with reports that top MMM Guider in Nigeria, Chuddy Ugorji, and his wife, Amaka, have fled to the Philippines following the imminent collapse of the Ponzi scheme.

Several Nigerian news sites and social media commentators credit the revelation to a NAN report.

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If Mr. Ugorji has indeed fled Nigeria, his move is coming barely 24 hours after he released some stringent conditions for the payment of hundreds of thousands of Nigerian investors.

Meanwhile, the scheme on Wednesday issued new guidelines on its blog. The guidelines include a decision to set limit of withdrawal this week at N31,000 maximum withdrawal. It added that freezing of bonuses is a suggestion that would be tabled before Sergey Mavrodi for his consideration.

Mr. Ugorji had earlier given the impression that the Ponzi scheme had begun paying outstanding mavro (money) to Mavrodians, the participants of the scheme. But, sadly this has yet to become a reality.

Although the authenticity of his fleeing was not confirmed at press time, findings on Mr. Ugorji’s Facebook revealed that many participants of the scheme have been left in the dark following the inability to be paid back their funds.

Several messages sent by this correspondent to his Facebook page and those of his wife have been read but not acknowledged.

The MMM organizer who was quite active on social media and is fond of immediately addressing allegations leveled against him on Facebook has kept mum this time.

His last update was posted on January 6 and ever sincem he has failed to respond to the heightened fears.

In his last post, which he titled Disclaimer Notice, he denied being behind another fast-rising Ponzi scheme, HELP NAIJA.

“This Disclaimer Notice is an express warning to all participants of MMM NIGERIA that I (Chuddy Urgorji) never launched any community named HELPNAIJA and am not part of any Donation Exchange or Mutual Aid Donation apart from MMM Nigeria, and as such have nothing to do with whoever came up with the idea claiming I launched HELPNAIJA on the 3rd of January 2017 and its as such have no affiliation to MMM NIGERIA, it is an imitation of MMM NIGERIA and not in anyway related. Please Disregard any information not posted on My Facebook Wall. Wish you all a prosperous New Year, God bless you all,” he wrote.

In another related move, his wife has also since deleted all MMM related posts from public view on her Facebook page.

Recall that in December, his wife, Amaka, had earlier calmed frayed nerves in a Facebook message she posted assuring MMM participants of the scheme’s return.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the MMM star guider will be accused of fleeing to the Philippines.

The allegations first surfaced in December and at that point, Chuddy refuted the claims saying – “MMM founder is a Russian Sergey Mavrodi not a Philippine. I have never been to The Philippines; the stories about going to the Philippines are untrue. I stand for the true ideology of MMM which is anchored on providing and getting help willingly.”
-By Jayne Augoye I Premium Times

A few weeks ago, another claim resurfaced on Facebook.

“Do you know that Chuddy Ugorji made over N5bn within a year? I heard that he has relocated to Philippine as MMM ask members to provide help before they can get their money. Odikwa risky o!” a Facebook user, Smith Ibe, wrote.

Meanwhile, he has yet to respond to the over 70 comments of his MMM members on his Facebook page.

See some of the comments below.

Ab Gana, “I don’t really trust this chuddy. So I may find it hard to believe in him.”

Oluchi Iwuala Isilebo, “Unfortunately Chuddy is like any of us. I don’t think he has any power or say in MMM. It may surprise you.

Stev, “Chudy Ugorji, good morning. Is there any hope on the return of MMM or shall we look elsewhere?

Florenece Adiele, “Thanks nwanne, I deliberately searched for u on Facebook bcos alot of rumors has been spread about u, in fact we heard u said lazy Nigerians bye bye ooooo! Ur going to Philippines… . and all that so I went on Google and looked u up and found out about u. Please keep doing what ur doing, may God deliver u from ndi ayan ufu.

Certified Amosoft Ricies said, “He has fled with wife… hahahahah your broda.”

MMM, which before suspending operation on December 14 had over three million participants in the country, made inroads into the Nigerian investment market in 2015.

MMM’s decision to suspend the accounts of its patrons in 2016 threw millions of Nigerians into anguish.

When the Ponzi scheme returned on January 13, it encouraged its members to use bitcoin for transactions.

Nigerian officials have warned against use of bitcoin and also participation in Ponzi schemes like the MMM.